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Question: Can I use a trademark in my blog’s name or in the title of a blog post?

Answer: Yes, if it is relevant to the subject of your discussion and does not confuse people into thinking the trademark holder endorses your content. Courts have found that non-misleading use of trademarks in URLs and domain names of critical websites is fair. (Bally Total Fitness Holding Corp. v. Faber, URL; Bosley Medical Institute v. Kremer, domain name Companies can get particularly annoyed about these uses because they may make your post appear in search results relating to the company, but that doesn’t give them a right to stop you.

“Sometimes, you might use a trademark without even knowing someone claims it as a trademark. That is permitted as long as you’re not making commercial use in the same category of goods or services for which the trademark applies. Anyone can sell diesel fuel even though one company has trademarked DIESEL for jeans. Only holders of “famous” trademarks, like CocaCola, can stop use in all categories, but even they can’t block non-commercial uses of their marks.”


No, no #4.

Somewhere in New Port Richey, Florida, Patrick Schuster is getting laid.

The high school lefty just pitched his 4th consecutive no-hitter (yes, you read that right), a Florida state record. According to reports there were more than a dozen scouts in attendance, including Florida Gator’s head coach Kevin O’Sullivan. Before the game was started, it was already dubbed “Patrick Schuster Day.” Talk about pressure.

Schuster struck out 17 in the performance, walking two.


According to my 2008 Baseball America Prospect Handbook, Schuster is ranked #42 of the top 100 high school prospects. After this development, I’d certainly look for him to make quite a jump. If he pitches #5 in a week, we might be talking about a phenomenon here.

Still, according to scouts, Schuster is a middle-ground pitcher who should go somewhere if the fourth round if he joins the major league draft. For that reason, I’d expect Schuster to join the University of Florida and let his stock rise. Before we know it, he’ll be a Scott Boras client. Here’s his scouting report for shits and giggles:

Fastball: Touches 90, grades as average.

Curveball: 74-77, also average right now.

Changeup: 78-80 mph.

Boring baseball day.

It’s a boring baseball day today. Some teams are getting rested for mid-week series and we’ve only got some night games going on. So with that, I introduce you to the Atlanta Brave’s Jeff Francoeur, who may be good or who may suck. I guess time will tell…

R.I.P. Mark Fidrych, RHP, Detroit

Less than a day after baseball loses one of its great voices, it has lost one of its greatest personalities in former Detroit Tiger’s pitcher Mark Fidrych.

Mark Fidrych.

While I was never around to watch Fidrych pitch in real life, I had the honor of watching him pitch on the MLB Network about a month ago. I remember telling my girlfriend, “That was one of the best things I’ve ever seen. You get the feeling that he realizes he is doing something that other people only dream of doing and that he enjoys it, appreciates it, and embraces it.” He was truly one of my favorite all-time baseball players. Long live The Bird.

Keep An Eye On: Jordan Zimmerman(n), RHP, Washington

He’s on his way, baby!

The Man(n) gets his first MLB start on Wednesday or Thursday so we’ll finally see what the 22-year-old righty can do against a big league ball club. His start will be against the World Champion Phillies, no less.

Zimmermann didn’t fare too well in his first AAA start with the Syracuse Chiefs, tossing 5.1 innings while giving up three earned runs on four hits. He did, however, strike out four and only walk one. In the start, the long ball killed him, as the Twin’s AAA affiliate Rochester Red Wings stroked two four-baggers.

He’s the latest of the prominent pitching prospects to get the call this year, behind Cahill, Anderson, and Porcello, but perhaps displays the most promise. Despite his young age, scouts rave about Zimmermann’s polish and makeup, saying he could be a front of the rotation type pitcher. His repertoire includes a nasty sinking fastball, a sharp slider (that the Nat’s have asked him to diminish), a workable curve, and a developing change up.

Look at that inverted W!

Look at that inverted W!

He’ll probably get shelled in his first start but he’s worth having on your radar as he makes his way first trip through the NL East.

R.I.P. Harry Kalas, Announcer, Philadelphia

“And the Phillies are the world champions of baseball.”Harry Kalas.

I hope this is the last one of these posts I have to do for a while.

The Freak’s freak showing.

And that’s “freak showing” in a bad way. A real bad way.

Lincecum struggled against the lowly Padres on Sunday.

Lincecum struggled against the lowly Padres on Sunday.

The San Francisco Giant’s Cy Young award  winner Tim Lincecum is struggling to the tune of a 7.56 ERA and an 0-1 record through his first two starts. That doesn’t seem like too huge a deal, but one of those starts came against the measly, beleaguered San Diego Padres.

In the fantasy world, Lincecum’s struggles are a blessing and a curse. On the curse side, Lincecum owners are likely weary and pissed off after spending a premier draft pick on him. On the bless side, non-owners are chomping at the bit for another poor outing, hoping to buy the superstar while he’s low.

There’s been no mention of injury from the Giant’s camp and it’s highly likely that Lince’s just getting settled in. After watching both games in some capacity, it’s apparent to me that his two-seamer and straight fastball seem to be riding up-and-in on righties and up-and-out to lefties. He’s also having trouble keeping his curve in the strike zone. Both of those problems indicate a simple mechanics issue to me. His change, which is usually not considered his out pitch, has looked real nice though.

During the offseason many looked at Lincecum as a dropoff candidate due to his high IP totals last year. That, coupled with his recent struggles, make him a perfect buy-low candidate if he struggles in outing #3.

I’ll be offering this year’s first Cy Young candidate, Texas’ Kevin Millwood.

That was sarcasm.