It’s hard write with this many people around.

Yesterday my street changed from this:

Coleman Boulevard.
To this:
Invasion of the out-of-towners.

Saturday was the 32nd annual Cooper River Bridge Run here in Charleston/Mount Pleasant, SC. I hadn’t been here for past year’s runs since I just moved here seven months ago, but it’s really a great experience. Nearly 40,000 people packed the streets to walk or run the 10K over the beastly Arthur Ravenel Bridge in Mount Pleasant to Marion Square in the heart of Charleston.

My girlfriend and I decided about a month and a half ago to participate. We vowed to train and do as well as we could. Unfortunately, between work, hangovers, and excuses, we managed to run together about twice. Still, we finished with a time of 1:01:12 which is not too shabby.

With all the people in town, it was hard not to get caught up in all the hoopla. We spent a good chunk of the afternoon downtown sharing drinks with out-of-towners and runners from all over the country. We partied. We saw. And we conquered. Needless to say, it was hard to sit down at my computer and bang out blogs. I’ll catch up in the next day or so.


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