Some valuable pickups (that are still actually available).

By now, everyone knows that Emilio Bonifacio is tearing it up as the Marlin’s leadoff man and that Adam Lind is raking in Toronto. Chances are, if your league is competitive at all, they’re dead and gone. But there’s still a few guys available out there who can provide some lightning in a bottle or at least provide some value while your regular position players bust out of slumps.

59 percent owned – I’m a big fan of the Tiger’s Brandon Inge. He plays in a potent lineup, has multiple position eligibility, and is really playing good baseball right now. The best part about Inge is that he can be played at catcher, a shallow position with little upside. With Geovany Soto possibly heading to the DL and Russell Martin sucking the big one, he’s a great deal as a replacement.

Brandon Inge.

36 percent owned – Saves here! Come get your saves! Special for today only! Seriously, why is Carlos Villanueva only owned in 36 percent of leagues? He’s been a solid middle reliever and starter in Milwaukee for a couple years now and with Trevor Hoffman ailing, he was the definite heir apparent. If you’re in anything more than a 10 team league, scoop him up before he’s gone or you’ll be vulturing for saves before you know it.

Carlos Villanueva.

25 percent owned – And in the get ’em while they’re hot category, we’ve got the Blue Jay’s Marco Scutaro. In real life, the dude’s got no flash and is about as memorable as amnesia, but this last week Scutaro mashed out 8 runs, 2 homers, and 4 RBI. Since he’s available at 2B, 3B, and SS, he provides a great amount of flexibility for your rosters. Today, Scutaro’s already 1 for 1 so his hot streak is probably nearing it’s end. And in the tradition of fantasy baseball, hundreds go pick him up and then he falls flat…

9 percent owned – There is some people who will not roster a pitcher that is not a starter or a closer. I am not one of those people and I think you’re a friggin’ idiot if you are. That’s why I’m throwing Octavio Dotel‘s name on here. He’s a K machine and with all your starters working out the kinks, he’s a great bet to even out your ERA and WHIP while providing as many strikeouts in an inning as some bottom tier starters do in a game.

Octavio Dotel.

4 percent owned – Some OF’s are really coming along slow as shit. Nate McLouth, Rick Ankiel, and Carlos Quentin, I’m looking at you. Don’t worry though because Endy Chavez is out there. The Seattle left fielder is coming off a very productive weak, batting .409 with a couple RBI and a handful of runs. The best part is he’s got two steals, and as long as he plays, he’ll be running.


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