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The Freak’s freak showing.

And that’s “freak showing” in a bad way. A real bad way.

Lincecum struggled against the lowly Padres on Sunday.

Lincecum struggled against the lowly Padres on Sunday.

The San Francisco Giant’s Cy Young award  winner Tim Lincecum is struggling to the tune of a 7.56 ERA and an 0-1 record through his first two starts. That doesn’t seem like too huge a deal, but one of those starts came against the measly, beleaguered San Diego Padres.

In the fantasy world, Lincecum’s struggles are a blessing and a curse. On the curse side, Lincecum owners are likely weary and pissed off after spending a premier draft pick on him. On the bless side, non-owners are chomping at the bit for another poor outing, hoping to buy the superstar while he’s low.

There’s been no mention of injury from the Giant’s camp and it’s highly likely that Lince’s just getting settled in. After watching both games in some capacity, it’s apparent to me that his two-seamer and straight fastball seem to be riding up-and-in on righties and up-and-out to lefties. He’s also having trouble keeping his curve in the strike zone. Both of those problems indicate a simple mechanics issue to me. His change, which is usually not considered his out pitch, has looked real nice though.

During the offseason many looked at Lincecum as a dropoff candidate due to his high IP totals last year. That, coupled with his recent struggles, make him a perfect buy-low candidate if he struggles in outing #3.

I’ll be offering this year’s first Cy Young candidate, Texas’ Kevin Millwood.

That was sarcasm.


Finding treasure among the trash.

AAA Royals

I love scouring bad teams for good talent. Seriously, it’s almost pathetic how much I like it. Last year I got the MLB Extra Innings package and spent a huge part of my summer watching the Pirates, Royals, Giants, Reds, and Nationals; games no one else in the sane world would pay a penny for.

If you love baseball like I do though, you love all of baseball.

These games fascinate me for numerous reasons.

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The Closer Carousel v.3 – A giant pain in the ass.

One of the closers I avoided this year was San Francisco’s Brian Wilson. Even though he amassed 41 saves last year, he did it while posting an ERA right around 5.00. Maybe I’m too conservative, but I am just not willing to sign up for that adventure. I’ve done it before and I damn near had a brain aneurysm. Here’s a big fuck you, Joe Borowski and Todd Jones.

On that note, news out of Giant’s camp is that Wilson’s not going to be ready for Opening Day.

If you’re one of those guys who will do anything for a save, I’d like to introduce you to Wilson’s likely replacement, Jeremy Affeldt.

Over the last four seasons, the 6’4″ lefty has bounced among four teams, pitching primarily as a lefty specialist. Most of those stops have been characterized by fairly pedestrian numbers until he reached Cincy last year. I don’t know how he did it, but Affeldt’s strikeout rate went up significantly to more than one per inning and through 78 innings, he posted a modest 3.33 ERA.

Affeldt closed 13 games for the Royals in 2005 as Mike McDougal’s replacement, so he does have some experience in the closer role. And if Affeldt doesn’t get the ball during that first save situation, I would look to Bobby Howry to get the chance, even though he had some trouble with consistency last year.

This situation isn’t something that should be monitored. Wilson will be the Giant’s closer as soon as he is ready, but it could pay off to vulture a few saves in his absence.